If you want to work in England

The uk is for years the main direction of emigration of Poles, who in most cases are well-paid job here, as well as favorable conditions for life. Continuously growing Polish community in The uk is considered to be a fairly compact team that is keenly interested in issues concerning countrymen. Therefore , popular both numerous Internet forums bringing together expatriate in England as well as Polish newspaper in the UK. There may be found mainly the current news in the life of Britain, which to a greater or lower extent, have an impact on living in this country foreigners. In addition , a large part of the information relates straight to the Polish community, pointing out its biggest problems as well as ways to solve them. The actual newspaper can be read various advice on education, administrative conditions, as well as work-related issues or even apartment. For the Polish newspapers readers also it plays an essential role forum allows publishing ads. Ads England will help you find an apartment, buy utilized furniture and sell a car. Additionally popular announcements about social gatherings, or associated with visiting or from Polish. The actual newspaper is trying to incorporate Poles by organizing different actions, and communicating with various cultural and entertainment events. However , since the main purpose of Poles working in England, work that can be found in the newspaper Shine they are especially appreciated. Especially since many of them concerns the actual positions in Polish businesses operating in the UK.

See: praca Londyn.


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